Robert "Bob" May
Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Dear Friend
"May you live as long as you want to, and may you laugh as long as you live" - Bob May

Bob May. What a wonderful man. I remember meeting Bob at Megacon in 2001 for the very first time. It was like he knew me all of his life, like talking to an old friend from the start.

It was never a dull moment with Bob, after meeting him at Megacon he came to Dallas where I lived, just before my first Chiller Convention the following week (Oct 2001). He had a table full of merchandise and do you know he sold every single item that weekend. I know it was me that brought him good luck (wink). ;-)

Bob sure loved doing the Chiller Theatre Convention in New Jersey. He appreciated the staff, fans and especially Kevin Clement, the show promoter. He really wanted to see Kevin and the gang again this April.

As the years passed, I became friends with Judy, Deborah, and Bobs wonderful grandson Devin. We had such fun and Bob and I were always entertaining each other with new jokes, which he was so good at!

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Bob on video with an actual Lost In Space Robot costume Bob had wore on the set at the home of our friend Ray Dutczak. I think we all went trick-or-treating with Rays daughter that year.

One thing that never changed was the love for the fans. He cherished the fans so dearly and so sincerely appreciated each and every one of them. He always reminded me that these are the people that we are working for!! Respect them!

A few weeks ago, Bob mentioned to me that he had a Chrome Polar Lights Jupiter II that was destroyed in the Sylmar fire. He was to give to this to his grandson Devin for Christmas, and they were going to assemble this together. The fire destroyed everything and yes, even the Jupiter II. I said to Bob, "Listen, I have two SOMEWHERE in my storage space, if I can locate one, I'll send it to you for Devin." Guess what? I found it two weeks ago and sent it right away.

Last weekend (Jan 12, 2008) I received a call from Bob and Devin thanking me so much for the Chrome Jupiter. I was so happy that I could make someone so happy with something that seemed so simple to anyone else.

My cell phone was charging most of today (Jan 19th) and I was busy doing errands, then started dinner. The phone rang, a familiar 818 area code popped up but my hands were soiled so I missed the call. I immediatedly called back and it was Judy May. She had been trying to reach me and didn't want me to turn on the news to see "the news". She told me all about what had happened and we shared some very special moments together. I was devastated, it was all so surreal. I was just today rearranging my office and thinking where I was going to put all the wonderful things that Bob had given me over the years. I actually was showing a few things to friends commenting how much I loved Bob and his generousity and love. How strange all of this to happen today? How strange indeed.

I am honored to have been part of Bobs family for the last eight years, he brought much happiness and smiles even in the darkest of times. He will always remain here in our hearts for as long as we share his stories with each other. Safe journeys my most dearest friend, see you on Alpha Centauri.

Your Dear Friend always, Simon Hancock